Handy Hints- cooking with Honey

handy hints – cooking with honey

Honey adds additional flavour to sweet & savoury
dishes.  Experiment with mild honeys where sweetness is wanted without a strong
flavour.  Use stronger tasting dark honeys for recipes that require
additional honey flavour.

Avoid over cooking with honey
as there is a tendency to burn readily, especially small things like biscuits
and honey marinades on meat and chicken.

Honey in baking improves texture, flavour and keeping
qualities (honey traps in moisture and prevents drying

It may be necessary to slightly reduce other liquids to
compensate for the moisture content if you substitute honey for sugar in a

The sweetness in honey is more intense, has fewer calories,
and is more easily digested than sugar.

For each cup of sugar substitute 2/3 cup of

Reduce cooking temperature by 10-15 degrees – remember honey
burns easily.

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